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Cosmétiques au romarin

Christian Magro

"As chemical engineer since 1992, I completed this initial training with a PhD on the extraction and purification of plant constituents, mainly agricultural co-products.


I began my professional career with several years of Research and Development in particular on bio-based products.


The next 20 years were dedicated to business development of design, development and construction of industrial units mainly for chemistry, biotechnology and cosmetics.


In 2014, I attended a three-year training course at the Ecole Lyonnaise des Plantes Médicinales et des Savoirs Naturels. It was during this course that I developed a competence in botany and improved my knowledge of the active biomolecules.


The addition of my knowledge of plants, industrial technologies and cosmetics markets led very naturally to the genesis of ChestNut"

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Field Farm

Charles Monteux

"Agronomic engineer with 27 years of experience in the field of fruit production, as manager of the farm I was able to take strategic decisions for my company, implement quality, hygiene, safety, environment and research approach.

As producer, I am deeply concerned by its economic fragility and the decline in vocations to this magnificent profession. Imbalances in supply and demand are the result of climate accidents and economic competition, at the centre of which human beings must find the right place. In addition to being among the agricultural professions storing the most carbon, arboriculture is essential to our food independence and to our landscapes.

For all these reasons, the research focus is on botany, new agronomic practices and technical gestures. All this requires solid experience and knowledge for a good expertise of the professional requirements. The promotion of plants is the theme of diversification and investigations that I have been conducting since 2011 in collaboration with the CESN (winners «Prim'allira» 2012). All this is part of ChestNut’s DNA to date."

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Christophe Mariotat

"Starting from business training, I spent most of my career in real estate, from negotiator to agency manager, then in training. Passionate about communication and marketing, which I learned in parallel with my job, I then became a consultant to real estate professionals in order to change the way we practice these jobs.

Yet it is on a more personal level that I have begun to rethink how we approach botany at a time when climate change is leading us to the changes necessary to sustainibility of the environment and the behaviour of our modern societies. Serving nature as useful as it is to us has become my creed.

Putting my professional knowledge and personal beliefs at the disposal of a company whose environmental, societal and ethical values are so close to mine had become obvious and that’s how I joined ChestNut from the beginning."

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