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Who Are We ?

Genesis of ChestNut

The idea of ChestNut was born during discussions between friends about the meaning of our professional activities with regard to a world in motion.

From observations and desires, our conclusion was the following: how to contribute to the changes and build an industrial company respectful of the human and the environment, implanted outside the large basins of activities and favoring the territories, that allows time to enrich our own personal life and give meaning to our social action.

Concretely, we had the desire to buy a farm to grow beautiful plants, make colors and fragrances, train children in permaculture, give a chance to those who do not always have it and welcome a whole bestiary, with a preference for the English Bulldogs anyway, undeniable mascots of our ambitions.

This idea had to be matured and put on paper. It is this exercise that became the selection file for Lyon Start-Up training program, marking the beginning of the adventure.

September to December 2019: Lyon Start-Up

January 2020: incubation at Geneo and installation at the Technosite in the Greater Valencia area

January 2020: member of the Terralia-Pass cluster

February 2020: member of the « Cercle de la Bio-économie de l'Agglomération de Montélimar »

June 2020: Creation of ChestNut SAS
Octobre 2020
: First Lab opening
Janvier 2021 : First products development
Avril 2021 : First products launch

The follow-up will be made of products to feel good, excite the taste buds and soothe the senses.



Christian MAGRO

CEO / Founder

Geneo-24 copie 2.jpg

"As chemical engineer since 1992, I completed this initial training with a PhD on the extraction and purification of plant constituents, mainly agricultural co-products.


I began my professional career with several years of Research and Development in particular on bio-based products.


The next 20 years were dedicated to business development of design, development and construction of industrial units mainly for chemistry, biotechnology and cosmetics.


In 2014, I attended a three-year training course at the Ecole Lyonnaise des Plantes Médicinales et des Savoirs Naturels. It was during this course that I developed a competence in botany and improved my knowledge of the active biomolecules.


The addition of my knowledge of plants, industrial technologies and cosmetics markets led very naturally to the genesis of ChestNut, a project for which I have devoted all my time since May 2019."

Christian MAGRO

Crédit Photo : Mathieu Dragon

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