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Lyon Start Up

Lyon Start-Up: Supported financially by the Métropole de Lyon and the Region Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, Lyon Start-Up is a training supported by the Foundation for the University of Lyon. It aims to support the maturation of business projects from the idea to the Business Model and Business Plan. ChestNut was awarded Lyon Start-Up label as a projects ranked in the top 20.


GENEO incubateur accompanies innovative projects wishing to establish in the territory Drôme-Ardèche in France. This support has enabled us to consolidate the project mainly on its financial side, to obtain a first regional financing of innovation, to prepare the set up of the company and its laboratory, to build the application file for a Bourse French Tech and to prepare for the fund raising that was finalized in July 2021.


The Innov'Alliance cluster supports innovation and business growth for the development of a more sustainable and technological agriculture, more virtuous agricultural production processes, products with strong sensory power, safe and environmentally friendly. The cluster has certified the first project developed by ChestNut.


ChestNut has been supported since its creation as part of AgroParisTech’s missions related to innovation and entrepreneurship.


A research collaboration exists with the ABI Research and Development Unit specialized in the valorization of industrial and agricultural co-products.


Research collaboration with this joint research unit INRAE/Toulouse INP-ENSIACET


BPIFrance supports ChestNut through the award of a Bourse French Tech


Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation cluster works to develop these members and the vitality of our French territories by stimulating innovation as a response to major contemporary issues.

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